Kangana Ranaut hrithik roshan farmer protest: Disputed tweets made by Kangana Ranaut, people start apologizing to Hrithik Roshan – people start apologiz to hrithik roshan after kangana ranaut tweets about farmers protest

Kangana Ranaut has been in the headlines for the last few days not for her films but for her political rhetoric. Recently, Kangana tweeted in some objectionable language about farmers agitating against the disputed agricultural laws, after which she came under target of social media. These controversial tweets of Kangana have been criticized not only by the common people but also by many celebrities. Now due to these tweets of Kangana, people have remembered Hrithik Roshan.

Actually, Kangana Ranaut used offensive language for the elderly grandmother who joined the peasant movement. Kangana got entangled with Diljit Dosanjh on this matter. In this battle of Kangana and Diljit, people also pulled up Hrithik Roshan’s name and started apologizing to him. Let me tell you that Kangana once claimed that she was in a relationship with Hrithik Roshan and that Hrithik betrayed her by promising her marriage. However, Hrithik Roshan has always called Kangana’s allegations false. Now, based on Kangna’s recent statements, people feel that maybe Hrithik Roshan was speaking right then. See, some users’ tweets:

Let me tell you that about 2 years ago, Kangana had accused Rajiv Masand’s talk show that Hrithik Roshan had him and he used to stock him. Kangana also claimed that Hrithik Roshan had expelled her (Kangana) from several films after her breakup.


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