Bigg boss 14 weekend ka vaar: Bigg boss 14 weekend ka vaar 6 Dec 2020 Day 63 Written episode: Challengers will raise the senses of family

Rakhi Sawant has a lot of fun with Vikas Gupta on Big’s stage. This is followed by Salman Khan’s entry and he says that Level 2 of this season is beginning. Now the family will have to compete with the new challengers.

Salman Khan says that apart from Rakhi Sawant and Vikas Gupta, there are more challengers coming home. Salman Khan tells about the battles of the history of Bigg Boss. He then welcomes Kashmiri Shah. Kashmira gives a bang performance on the stage of Bigg Boss. Kashmira Shah says Vikas Gupta is his competition.

Salman Khan encounters family members and Rahul talks about the game at Vaidya’s house. Along with this, we also talk about Rahul’s performance in the last task. On this, Rahul puts his side and becomes emotional. He says that he cannot complete the journey ahead of the house. He leaves the game and walks out of the house.

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Salman Khan says that Rahul Vaidya got more votes than any one member present in the house, but he has saved himself by leaving himself out of the house. After this, Salman Khan says that new challengers are coming to the house. He introduces the family members to Kashmiri Shah, Rakhi Sawant and Vikas Gupta.

Rakhi Sawant says that she knows Abhinav Shukla. At the same time, Kashmirira Shah challenges the family. After this, Salman Khan throws balloons from the three challengers for misunderstanding of the family. The four finalists of the house discuss among themselves.

Salman Khan welcomes new challenger Rahul Mahajan on the stage of Bigg Boss. On Salman’s suggestion, Rahul says that Rakhi Sawant and Kashmirira Shah are called his friends and they have a competition with Vikas. With this, Rahul says that he is going to stay till the end of the house. After this all the challengers have fun with each other.

Salman Khan says that Rakhi Sawant and Rahul Mahajan have two similarities. At first both of them did Big Boss and later made a selfie on TV. Rahul and Rakhi’s honeymoon is going to happen in Bigg Boss house. On the stage of Bigg Boss, both celebrate social distancing honeymoon. There is a lot of fun between the two.

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Now Arshi Khan enters the stage of Bigg Boss as the new challenger. Arshi says Vikas Gupta is a fraud. She says that Rubina Dilak is his target. After this, the question-and-answer between Rakhi and Arshi begins. During this, there is a light note between Arshi and Rakhi Sawant.

Manu comes as a challenger in Punjabi Bigg Boss. He meets the family members and expresses their opinion about them. Manu talks about Jasmin Bhasin’s game. During this, Manu clashes with Jasmine. After this, the family members talk among themselves.

On the stage of Bigg Boss, the popular comedian Krishna Abhishek comes and dances. He says that first let’s talk about his wife Kashmira Shah. He then talks about the Challenger. He entertains everyone fiercely. Salman Khan introduces Krishna to the family and he gives his response to all the family members.

Salman Khan leaves all the Challengers with the family. The Challengers then express their opinion about all the members present in the house. Kashmiri Shah says Jasmin Bhasin is her target. Arshi Khan says Rubina Dilak is his target. Rahul Mahajan says that Rubina Dilak is his target. Rakhi Sawant says that Rubina Dilak is their target. Manu Punjabi says that Ejaz Khan is his target. Vikas Gupta says that Abhinav Shukla is his target.


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